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Blue and Green Recreation, Tourism and Conservation Circle

Note: The development project boundary, alignment and station location of railway and major roads projects under-planning as shown are indicative only. The exact boundary, alignment and station location are subject to further review. For cross-boundary railway projects, the associated alignment and station location are subject to further discussion with Mainland authorities.

Proposed Robin's Nest Country Park

  • The Government has commenced statutory procedure to designate the 530 ha of Robin's Nest as Country Park. The area presents a pleasant landscape of high aesthetic value, and is also rich in biodiversity. It will form an ecological corridor with the Shenzhen Wutong Mountain Scenic Area, thereby promoting the ecological integration between Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
  • The proposed facilities to be provided in the Robin's Nest Country Park include recreational facilities such as a hiking trail network, picnic sites and viewing points. Supporting facilities such as notice boards, road signs, directional signs, rain shelters and benches will also be provided at suitable locations. The Lin Ma Hang Lead Mine site within the country park will be revitalised as an open museum to showcase the mining history and bat ecology to the public. In addition, there are rich and diverse natural, ecological, cultural and history resources (e.g. Hakka culture and wartime history) in Robin’s Nest and the adjacent Sha Tak Kok area. The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is collecting and sorting out the relevant information as well as liaising with the local community with a view to formulating the publicity and educational programme.
  • The relevant statutory procedure is target to complete in 2024.
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