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Organisations related to the Northern Metropolis


Sub-committee on Promotion and Public Engagement

Membership List

Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands)

Non-official Members
Mr Eric Chan Cho-biu, BBS
Hon Chan Hak-kan, SBS, JP
Hon Andrew Lam Siu-lo, SBS, JP
Hon Chan Yuet-ming, MH
Ir Eric Ma Siu-cheung, GBS, JP
Hon Lau Kwok-fan, MH, JP
Ir Hon Gary Zhang Xin-yu
Dr Allen Shi Lop-tak, SBS, MH, JP
Hon Chan Han-pan, BBS, JP
Co-opted Members
Mr Daniel Cham Ka-hung, BBS, MH, JP
Ms Cherrie Lai Hon-kwan
Mr Lee Koon-hung, MH
Mr Leung Ka-wing
Mr Leung Ping-kin
Mr Liu Yu-hin, MH
Mr Man Cheuk-fei
Mr Shum Ho-kit, BBS, JP
Ex-officio Members
Director of Information Services
Director, Northern Metropolis Co-ordination Office

Chief Executive Officer (Northern Metropolis)

Terms of Reference
To advise the Government on strategies and measures to raise public awareness of and solicit public support for the development of the Northern Metropolis, and any other relevant matters as suggested by the Advisory Committee on the Northern Metropolis.

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